The Intermediate Sanction Facility is a 54 bed, male, Community Corrections Facility operated by the 33rd & 424th Judicial Districts Community Supervision and Corrections Department. Located in Burnet in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

The Intermediate Sanction Facility's mission is to provide an intensive, structured, residential setting that teaches personal work ethic by mandating performance of work detail. This is done in the hope that it will assist offenders whose dysfunctional lifestyle has been assessed as being due to the lack of adequate educational and life skills, failure to maintain employment and/or are at the risk of revocation. The Intermediate Sanction Facility provides the Court system with a viable means of managing the needs of salvageable offenders within the guidelines, which conform, to reasonable public safety.

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33rd & 424th Judicial Districts
Intermediate Sanction Facility
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The ISF currently has beds open.
To Community Supervision Officers. If you would like to place a probationer into the ISF Program, please call (512) 756-7628 and ask for Rhonda Gilmore to go through placement screening and criteria.